Dissolving the mystery of a instant coffee phenomenon(3)

Anyway, the result showed that fine coffee powder could also make the sound change.

Moreover, we did experiments with some other kinds of instant coffee which other staff of this school gave us. As a result, it seemed that any kind of instant coffee could make the sound change.

Although we have made instant coffee plenty of times until now, we didn’t notice such phenomenon.

Once we noticed it, it is really strange.
Why does the sound change?
Actually, I’ve got an idea in my mind from the beginning.
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Dissolving the mystery of a instant coffee phenomenon(1)


“When I made a cup of instant coffee for my father yesterday, I realized that the pitch of the sound when a spoon hit a mag changed gradually. Why does it occur?”

In 1992, Ayako, a Japanese high school girl, who was a member of a science club at that time, asked me such a question. Then, we had started the research together for a few months. It was not only a continuous process of trial and error but a process of scientific research itself.

This is the story of our research.

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